Attractions To Visit In Jacksonville, Florida

Whether you’re taking a vacation, or just spending a day, Jacksonville, Florida has many attractions that can be fun for you and your family. From museums to wildlife, there’s something to do no matter what you enjoy. Some of the top attractions in Jacksonville include a wildlife sanctuary called Catty Shack Ranch, The Cummer Museum, and Big Talbot Island.

If you love animals, Catty Shack Ranch may be just what you’re looking for. This wildlife sanctuary is the forever home to many types of large cats, including lions, tigers, cougars, and bobcats. The sanctuary offers daytime tours and night tours. During the day, a lot of the cats are sleeping, but during the night, the cats are fed. The night tours are the perfect time to hear the roars from the big cats. Keep in mind that while the feeding times aren’t scary, they can be quite loud so younger children may not be fans of the roaring and other noises.

The Cummer Museum is home to around 5,000 objects permanently on display. The art was created during the time between 2100 B.C. to current times. The museum also offers historic gardens that take up 2.5 acres. One of the oldest trees in Jacksonville, the Cummer Oak, can be found in the garden. The gardens show older styled designs. They offer tours as a great way to learn more about the history around you within the museum.

The state park on Big Talbot Island can be a great attraction if you’re looking to do some bird watching, get into nature, or take pictures. They have kayak rentals, fishing, salt marsh tours, picnic areas, and much more to make it the perfect day outdoors. This park offers a paved trail that makes it a great option for biking, skating, or just having a walk with your family. During your visit, you can read the panels of information they have available along the trail that tell you information about the resources of the park. The island also has a beach known as Boneyard Beach. On the beach, you will find skeletons of live trees near the shore.

There’s no shortage of attractions in Jacksonville, Florida. The attractions can range from family-friendly places to visit and spend the day, to an active nightlife scene that’s more for adults. No matter what you’re into, you’re sure to find something fun and exciting to do during your visit.